Religious Liberty Alert | Week ending Friday 26 September 2008

General September 26, 2008


Attacks on Christians in India continue as part of an anti-Christian pogrom lead by Hindu Nationalists, despite arrests
by police.

Police detain Hindus over anti-Christian attacks
Reuters | 22 September 2008


The European Union has been urged 'to treat the persecution of Christians overseas as a humanitarian emergency after
deadly attacks on Christian churches and homes in India.'

Italy's church asks EU to aid 'hunted' Christians
Reuters | 21 September 2008



'Iranian Christian convert Ramtin Soudmand faces the death penalty after being jailed for the crime of 'ertedad' or
abandoning the Muslim faith.'

Iran: Christian convert risks death penalty
Adnkronos International | 23 September 2008



'The US State Department and the so-called liberal media are ignoring Iraqi Christians who face persecution from
Islamic militants,' an advocate with the Religious Freedom Coalition in Washington says.

Iraqi Christians ignored, says advocate
Middle East Times | 25 September 2008



Compass Direct reports that 55 Christians will be expelled from their village after refusing to give up their faith.

Compass Direct News | 25 September 2008



Religious freedom in Sudan is discussed in relation to the US State Department's annual report on religious freedom.
Concern was raised about aspects of Sharia law that have been introduced into 'civil and criminal law, including
penalties of death or imprisonment in the north for apostasy from Islam'.

US sees some gains in religious freedom in Sudan
Sudan Tribune | 22 September 2008



The US State Department's annual report on religious freedom was published last week. Voice of America reports that the
worse violators of religious freedom were 'Burma, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Uzbekistan
-- the same grouping as last year.'

US Religious Freedom Report Faults North Korea, Eritrea, Iran
Voice of America | 19 September 2008



State-run media propaganda against religious leaders and mockery of Catholic school students occurs amidst prayer
vigils run by Vietnamese Catholics seeking the return of church property confiscated by the Communist Party.

Vietnam: Catholic students mocked at school
VietCatholic News | 18 September 2008


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