Religious Liberty Alert | Week ending Friday 28 November 2008

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'The persecution from Muslims is so intense, 70 percent of all Islamic converts to Christianity give up their adopted faith in two years, Mr. Meral (a Turkish scholar and theologian) said.'

Struggle to stay Christian
Washington Times | 27 November 2008



The Jakarta Post reports on a seminar examining how Special Autonomy 'has made little difference to the socio-economic and political conditions of its indigenous people' citing 'the influx of migrants from outside the country's most eastern province as a factor which keeps the indigenous people marginalised.'

Special autonomy fails to help native Papuans: Seminar
The Jakarta Post | 27 November 2008



China View reports the military suspect Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) members were responsible for two bomb blasts this week in Sth Philippines outside at a Jehovah's Witness church and also a Catholic Church.

Muslim rebels blast Christian site in S Philippines
China View | 27 November 2008



In response to a Saudi Arabian request to build another mosque in Moscow, 'three Russian Orthodox groups -- the Moscow section of the Union of Orthodox Citizens, the Radonezh Society, and the Byzantine Club -- released an open letter to Saudi King Abdullah. ... Their appeal noted that "Saudi Arabia is building mosques in dozens of Christian countries" and then asked whether it would not be only just if permission were given to Christians to build a church within its borders for Christians living there, something Riyadh has been reluctant to permit.'

A Saudi Mosque in Moscow in Exchange for a Russian Church in Mecca?
Georgian Daily | 26 November 2008



New Christians (Hmong minority) are being pressured by provincial authorities to recant their Christianity reports Compass Direct. 'Christian leaders in the area said threats included being cut off from any government services. When this failed to deter the new Christians, they said, the officials threatened to drive the Christians from their homes and fields, harm them physically and put them in prison.'

Vietnam: Authorities Pressure New Christians To Recant
Compass Direct News | 21 November 2008


Eight Catholics who took part in the prayer vigils earlier this year will face trial on 5 December 09. Asia News reports, 'All of them are accused of "destruction of property" and "disturbing public order."'

Trial against eight Catholics from Thai Ha begins December 5
Asia News | 25 November 2008

Vietnamese Catholics on trial denied access to their lawyer
Asia News | 26 November 2008


Digest compiled by World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Religious Liberty Commission (RLC). All URL links were active when the digest was issued. Whilst the RLC has taken every care in selecting the items included, their authenticity depends on the original source.

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