Religious Liberty Bodies Form New Partnership

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By WEA RLC Principal Researcher and Writer, Elizabeth Kendal

On Thursday 8 March, fifteen organisations working for the persecuted church
met in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and formed a network called "The
Religious Liberty Partnership".

This network will meet annually, while a working group, consisting of five
members, will handle cooperative action during the year. The Chairman is
Merwyn Thomas of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, UK.

The aim of the network is to coordinate efforts, inform about the needs of
the persecuted church and the work of the organisations, and to pray
together. Through this unique network the religious liberty bodies believe
that the suffering church can receive more relevant help than ever before.

Among the members are leading organisations such as Open Doors, Voice of the
Martyrs, Christian Solidarity International, Christian Solidarity Worldwide,
World Evangelical Alliance together with around ten other similar
organisations. New members can be included in the future.

According to Johan Candelin, who represents the World Evangelical Alliance
in the working group for 2007, this is wonderful news. "This is historic
news as it is the first time these organisations have come together to join
hands. The real winners are our suffering brothers and sisters. This
development also sends a positive signal to the global church about the
spirit of unity present in the Amsterdam meeting."

The next annual meeting will be held in March 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland.

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