WEA Youth Commission News, March 2007

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WEA Youth Commission News

Greetings in Christ, fellow Youth Commission leaders!

February has been a busy travel month for Daryl and me. I'm writing this from the road, but want to get you this brief update anyway. I wish we could pick up the phone and talk more often. I miss knowing your day-to-day victories and needs.

SKYPE: The next best thing to being there!

Speaking of phone...how are we coming getting SKYPE? Please send us your numbers...even if you think you sent them before. We'll want to try a conference call soon!

AFRICA: Solomon & Alice visit NNYM in San Diego.

On February 16, the Gaceces were special guests at an NNYM staff meeting. They gave a full report on the African Youth Commissions and conveyed a sense of what ministry is like there. In particular he filled us in on the transition going on in the African Evangelical Alliance, a movement representing about 80 million members. Solomon asked for prayer as he and Rev Dr Judy Mbugua will continue as Team Leaders of the transition for another 18 months. That is in addition to his role as the Executive Secretary for the Youth and Sports Commission.

LATIN AMERICA: Eugenia reports Costa Rica YC growth
Jorge gave an encouraging report to the Costa Rica Youth Commission about the global Youth Commission meeting in Orlando and all the networking progress worldwide. Their Youth Commission is growing and improving. Monthly meetings include informal conversation and hanging out over coffee and goodies. They have some time for training, taking advantages of the resources they each have and creating projects as a way to involve more ministries, and raise funds.

In general, the members want the Commission and value the space these meetings provide for "co-pastoring" each other. This is a safe environment where their personal needs may be addressed-- needs that are so often disregarded.

INDIA: 2007 Leaders Forum solidly advances India Networks.

Daryl Nuss traveled to India February 10-19 to participate in the National Youth Leaders Forum in New Delhi hosted by the Evangelical Fellowship of India. Over 70 leaders from 11 states in India attended. Beside addressing important youth issues in India, time was invested in developing a networking mindset. The national steering committee led by Shavez Williams met after the Forum to plan the future steps in further developing their national network and youth movement. Daryl felt that the Forum was another important step forward for the YC in India.

CARIBBEAN: Pray for registration of leaders.

Plans have been laid to hold a Youth Consultation in St. Maarten May 17-19. Pray now for Donovan, Gerry Seale and others as they find future Network leaders to attend this strategic training event.

UNITED STATES: Seeking leadership in the Southeast.

Paul traveled to Georgia and Tennessee during February to meet with Coordinators, pastors and business leaders in search of a full-time Regional Coordinator for 7 states in the Southeastern US. The unanimous response was affirmation of the need for leadership to help reach the 4 million youth in 4,000 schools. Four candidates for the position have surfaced and a return trip is scheduled to challenge donors to help.

Please remember to pray for one another as each of us asks God to do miracles in reaching youth in our corners of the world.

Paul Fleischmann and Daryl Nuss

WEA Youth Commission