The Mission Commission journal Connections releases information on special double-issue (100 pages, full color) dedicated to the visionary and critical issue of Arts in Mission

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September 16, 2010

Good global and missional colleagues, with commitment for arts in mission,

The Mission Commission journal Connections, is delighted to release this first information on the special double-issue (100 pages, full color) dedicated to the visionary and critical issue of Arts in Mission. As editor of the magazine, I am profoundly indebted to Robin Harris and John Franklin for their boundless creativity and time invested in this project.

We see this singular issue with a shelf life of an estimated 5 years due to it’s unique nature and beauty. It will serve as an additional text in Christian colleges and theological schools around the world. It will be a core element in the 2011 training program set for England to equip arts in mission practitioners.

All the information you need is at this link to the journal.


We will print 1000 copies to be sold at the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town this October. The journal will be featured in the arts and mission workshops and sold in the bookstore.

Bulk order pricing—each order sent to the same address. All prices include shipping costs.


                                    Within USA                Rest of world (due to shipping costs)


Retail price:             US$18.00                US$20.00

1-5 copies:              US$18.00                US$20.00

6-10 copies              US$16.00                US$17.50

11-25 copies:           US$14.00                US$16.00

26-99 copies:           US$11.50                US$14.00

100+ copies:            US$10.00                US$12.00     

Deadline for orders: September 25, 2010

All bulk orders after the deadline will have to be charged an extra 10%, which we trust is a relatively minor change.  To place your order
write managing editor Kees van der Wilden, [email protected].

With keen anticipation,


William D. Taylor, Ph.D.
Editor, Connections: the Journal of the WEA Mission Commission
Global Ambassador, WEA and the Mission Commission

[email protected];  http://theglobalpilgrim.com/