WEA Co-Sponsors Event on Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

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The United Nations steps up the efforts to fight the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The General Assembly has designated September 26 as the yearly day to remember this worrying legacy. Nuclear disarmament has been the subject of the U.N.’s very first resolution in 1946 and today the threat is as large as ever.

WEA recently co-sponsored an event at the Human Rights Council to launch the yearly day to remember the task ahead. Speakers from all corners underlined the problem. Concerned states from Mexico to Indonesia, from Kazakhstan to Argentina and also high officials of the Interparlementarian Union, Majors for Peace and the U.N. itself. The Japanese ambassador received a statement from the Japanese parliament. Kazakhstan’s ambassador explained that his country did not get unsafe at all after disposing of its arsenal. The countries responsible for the current proliferation were absent. 

Alyn Ware of unfoldzero presents UN Geneva director Moller statements from European, Korean and Japanese parliament and Japanese ambassador Toshio Sano a statement of his countries parliament.

The event also gave attention to a recent documentary about an incident that saved the world from a nuclear attack. During the Soviet time the responsible military official was confronted with a warning of an enemy attack. The lieutenant colonel realized the warning was erroneous and did not follow up. This incident is the subject of a major documentary called: “The Man Who Saved the World”. 

The co-organizer UnfoldZero.org announced an original global action. As many people as possible are invited to send the organization video clips from their own local environment answering two simple questions – How many nuclear weapons do you think are in the world? And How many nuclear weapons do you think should be in the world?