WEA requests prayers for Korean Christian Hostages and sympathy for families of German Hostages

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The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is asking for earnest prayers for the South Korean Christians being held hostage in Afghanistan and also sends its deepest sympathies to the families of two abducted Germans who may have been killed on Saturday.

“This is an unfortunate situation but we take comfort that God is in control so let us continue to lean on Him for this great need. We pray that our Korean brothers, sisters and their families will experience a special nearness of God to them and find comfort in the knowledge of His power in their time of anguish. We also pray for the government officials and kidnappers who are in negotiations, may they agree to a peaceful resolution quickly and allow the hostages to be reunited with their families,” said the WEA International Director Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe.

The abducted Christians, at least 23 in number, are reported to have been abducted by the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province while riding on a bus on Thursday.

They were part of an evangelical and aid mission to one of regions in Afghanistan which has been hit hardest by insurgents. The kidnapping came a day after the abduction of two German engineers and five Afghan colleagues working on a dam project in central Wardak province.

A purported Taliban spokesman said Saturday the group killed the German hostages, saying Germany had missed a deadline for it to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and for the Afghan government to free all Taliban prisoners. The claim is disputed by Afghanistan and Germany.

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