WEA Thanks Stott As He Leaves Public Ministry

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On July 17, the world-renowned theologian and evangelist of the modern era, Rev. Dr. John Stott, retired from public ministry after giving his final speaking engagement at Keswick Convention in U.K.

The International Director of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, expressed his gratitude for Dr. Stott's contribution to world Christianity and the evangelical movement.

"We, at the World Evangelical Alliance, are deeply grateful for the life-long ministry of John Stott,” said Dr. Tunnicliffe. “Dr. Stott has had an enormous positive influence on global evangelicalism. His commitment to rigorous and practical theological exposition and his call to engage in transformational and integral mission have provided a strong biblical framework of how we as evangelicals engage in ministry in today's world.”

Dr. Tunnicliffe also thanked Dr. Stott for the support and care that he has provided for WEA over the years.

"We are particularly grateful for his friendship and his assistance over many years to the World Evangelical Alliance. As Dr. Stott officially retires we wish him God's continued blessing and give thanks for his life-long service to God's global work,” said Dr. Tunnicliffe.

Dr. Stott has deeply contributed and held significant leadership positions in some of the world’s most important Christian organizations, including: the Church of England Evangelical Council, the UK Evangelical Alliance, the UK branches of Scripture Union, the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, the chaplaincy to the Queen of England and the drafting committee for the Lausanne Covenant of the International Congress on World Evangelization. He has also impacted the lives of thousands of Christians around the world through his writing, some of whose books have sold millions of copies and have been translated into dozens of languages.

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