WEA TC Remembers George Vandervelde.

General January 30, 2007

The WEA Theological Commission is mourning the loss of its esteemed member, Dr George Vandervelde ThD, BD, who died on January 19, 2006. George had served with the TC since 1998 in the key post of convenor of the Ecumenical Task Force, which he took over from Dr Paul Schrotenboer. In that position he led the team that has been engaged for the last decade in the important WEA-Roman Catholic talks. He was well skilled for the position because of his intimate knowledge of ecumenical matters and his critical understanding of Roman Catholic theology. He was also eminently suited for the position because of his deep spirituality and personal integrity, and his deep sense of the importance of understanding the truth of his own deeply held convictions and of those of others, whether in a formal situation such as a seminary class room, inter-church dialogues or simply encountering people socially or visiting their times of worship and celebration. It is not surprising therefore that the book presented to him recently in honour of his long teaching career of 27 years at the Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto , was sub-titled, “Essays on mission and unity”.

George’s important role in the Theological Commission was recognized at our 2006 meeting held in Nairobi, September 2006, when he was reappointed for a further term so that our program in the area of ecumenical talks could be extended, but even more than that, so that his own personal impact as a deeply committed fellow Christian and a highly effective teacher and theologian could be shared with the wider evangelical world. Sadly, that was not to be, but we are ever thankful for him, and now turn to continuing the work at the high level he has established. We offer our prayers of love and support for his family and those who were close to him in his seminary, church and community.

David Parker 30 January 2007

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