West Bank: Musalaha Team – Kids’ Camp and Prayer Requests

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Dear friends,

We're glad to hear that, after a dreary summer, those of you in England are finally enjoying some sun, especially those of you affected by the recent flooding.
Our summer has been hot and hectic. In July, two summer camps hosting 150 children kept our staff very busy. Much time and effort were invested in planning and organizing, and we thank many of you for bringing these camps before the Lord in your prayers. Below is our report about one of the summer camps, held the first week of July. Both kids and counsellors had a fantastic time and were strengthened in their faith.
We have a number of projects coming up in the next three months involving youth, young adults, and youth leaders. Details on how to pray for these conferences follow the summer camp report.
The Musalaha Team

This year a record-breaking number of kids attended Musalaha’s summer camp. On Monday afternoon, fifty Palestinian and Israeli children arrived at the Baptist Village and checked into their cabins. Kids who had been to camp before started off their parent-free week of fun by hunting down old friends; new campers began it with a little apprehension and nervousness, but quickly found new friends to set them at ease.

This year’s camp theme was prayer. During our daily Bible sessions, the children learned when, where, what, why, and how to pray. Through drama, storytelling, testimonies, and exercises, the kids were taught that God listens to and answers prayer, and were encouraged to bring everything in their lives before Him, anywhere, all the time, as honestly as they possibly can. We played a game in which both kids and counselors wracked their brains to try to gain points for their team by memorizing prayer-related Bible verses. We hope they’ll remember them long enough to help them through difficult times later on in life.

From the moment they woke up until lights-out, the kids were kept frantically busy, running from meal to craft, from Bible study to swim time, from free activity time to night games. There was a good reason for this hectic schedule: from the very first night, everyone passed out the moment their heads hit pillows. On one of the last nights, a counselor had to carry one of the younger boys from the meeting hall to his bunk bed after the boy fell asleep sitting up!

On the last day, we could see the impact the camp had had on the kids. They were at ease with each other, making the most out of their last moments together, collecting contact information so that they could stay in touch until next year. The memories of this camp, of the lessons they learned there, of the people they met and the fun they had together—we hope and pray that all these memories will follow these children far beyond next year, reminding them all their lives how truly good and pleasant it is when they dwell together in unity.

Joint Israeli-Palestinian-Dutch Youth Camp, August 17-27, Holland

We have been invited by Tabitha Ministries in Holland to send 24 youth to participate in a summer camp. Our staff will join them to conduct training in reconciliation. Please pray that we receive the EU visas for all the youth that have applied, that the transportation to and from Holland would run smoothly and that the group's time together will be blessed.

Young Adults' Desert Encounter, Sept 6-10, Jordan

Every year Musalaha conducts a Young Adults Desert Encounter in the south of Jordan. Please pray that this trip will be result in new friendships and that it will produce in the participants a willingness to deepen those friendships long after the trip ends.

Youth Leadership Training Conference, October 12-15, Jordan

This trip represents a turning point for Musalaha with youth leadership training programs. The recent conference was the last seminar taught by our Youth For Christ lecturer. It has been his vision and ours to put the training of the local youth leadership in the hands of Israeli and Palestinian trainers, who know the local issues and have a finger on the pulse of the youth culture in the Land. Please pray that the new lecturer will be confident in his ability to carry out this training. Pray that he will add in relevant local issues with sensetivity and discernment.

Staff Travelling

Please pray for the staff as they enjoy their vacation time, that it will be a time of refreshment and invigoration for the coming year.


We at Musalaha would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who have covered this ministry with their prayers. Musalaha is now able to accept donations by credit card online at www.musalaha.org, or by check to any of the addresses below. In the USA and UK, please make your checks out directly to our partner ministries, with a note “For Musalaha”. All donations to Musalaha are tax-deductible.


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