WEA Publishes First Issue of Revista Evangélica de Teología, Newly Launched Theological Journal in Spanish


La AEM publica el primer número de la Revista Evangélica de Teología, una revista teológica recientemente lanzada en español

After 45 years as an English-language publication, the World Evangelical Alliance’s theological journal, the Evangelical Review of Theology (ERT), is now available in Spanish for the first time.

The new Revista Evangélica de Teología is edited by Dr. Andrew Messmer, who is the academic dean of Seville Theological Seminary (Spain) and affiliated researcher at Evangelische Theologische Faculteit (Belgium).

Messmer was approached by Bruce Barron, the current editor of ERT, about taking on this new endeavor. For years the WEA had desired to have a theological journal in Spanish, but various circumstances had delayed their efforts until now. One of the main reasons why the WEA pursued this idea over the years is that Spanish-speakers make up a significant portion of the WEA’s constituency, and many of them work primarily in Spanish, unlike other regions where leading academics and educators who publish internationally tend to write in English

“We felt that publishing a theological journal in Spanish would provide valuable material to Christian educators, pastors, and leaders throughout the Spanish-speaking world,” Messmer stated, “as well as more fully recognizing their value as part of the global Christian community.”

The Spanish-language version, scheduled to appear in electronic format twice a year, will contain a combination of original articles and translations of English-language articles, including some that have appeared in ERT. It is an open-access journal, meaning that it can be accessed and downloaded for free. The March 2022 issue can be found here, which includes a sign-up list for those interested.

“This is a very exciting development,” said WEA Secretary General Bishop Dr Thomas Schirrmacher. “Already, ERT’s shift to open-access two years ago has greatly expanded its reach. We hope that both the English and Spanish versions will continue to have increasing impact in encouraging evangelical Christians around the world to read thoughtful theological work that is applicable to contemporary situations.”

You can find the Evangelical Review of Theology in English here and in Spanish here.