[Webinar] The Covid Pandemic and Our Children’s Future: A Discussion of the Long-term Effects of Covid on Children and the Role of the Church


In keeping with the aim of the WEA Covid Task Force, we continue to support the role of the local church in responding to both the immediate and long-term consequences of the pandemic. In this webinar, our panel of diverse and multi-national experts discusses the consequences of the pandemic for children and ways the local church can support children and families struggling with these consequences. 

Our target audience is faith leaders in the Western world who are the drivers of the moral imperative to both end the pandemic everywhere and care for those suffering the pandemic impacts.

Our primary aim is, by sharing this webinar, to sustain awareness of the impact of the pandemic on the most vulnerable and counter the tendency for people to let the support for others wane as they tire of the pandemic. Our secondary aim is to provide examples for faith leaders of what impacted children need and what faith communities can do.

Date: April 13, 2022 10 AM ET

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The Covid pandemic will have long-term consequences for children around the world. As Covid evolves from pandemic to endemic our response needs to shift from vaccination to mitigating the long-term impacts on the most vulnerable among us. This forward-looking (the emphasis on the near future) webinar will ask a diverse expert panel to speak to the following questions: 

1. What is the current state of children in your context, and what are the long-term consequences and needs that will result from these impacts? 

2. What do we need to do to help children and their parents and families with these impacts? 

3. What is the role of the local church in responding to these needs?

Facilitator: Dr. David Boan

WEA Representative to the World Health Organization

Campaign Chair, The Interfaith Movement to End the Pandemic


Phil Green Global Partnerships Lead World Without Orphans
Lanre Williams-Ayedun Senior Vice President, International Programs World Relief
Dr. Rob Rienow Founder Visionary Family Ministries
Dr. Lester Dornan Davao Episcopal Area of the Philippines UMCOR
Nezer A. Soriano, MD, MDiv, DIH, DFM, FPAFP Chair, Dept. of Family and Community Medicine Southern Isabela Medical Center
Craig Stewart Senior Advisor-Church Partnerships World Vision International
Andrea Kaufmann Director, Faith and External Engagement World Vision International
Imad Aoun Advocacy Specialist, COVID-19 Vaccines. UNICEF