Church Engagement

The Church Engagement Department works with Evangelical Alliances and the broader WEA family, providing programs and resources to enable them to develop healthy disciple-making churches that make a difference in their communities.

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The WEA Business Coalition is a connection & support hub for various organizations between businesses, business ministries and churches. It is uniquely positioned to ‘join the dots’ of the many regional and national marketplace ministries in order to catalyze greater leverage and impact within the evangelical community and thereby transform societies. Many existing organizations are doing great work and the WEA´s position is to provide a global platform for collaboration and “cross-pollination” of innovative ideas.


WEA launched its Children’s Network to rally experts and WEA’s global constituency in more than 130 countries together by providing a platform for collaboration that aims to connect global children’s ministries and Evangelical Alliances and speak as a representative evangelical voice on issues related to children. The mission of the WEA Children’s Network is to equip parents and the Church to love, protect, guide & empower all children.


Family Challenge is a global strategic collaboration which aims to transform communities around the globe by partnering with the church to build families according to God’s design and equip families to be agents of change, impacting their communities for Christ

Pastoring of Pastors

Pastoring of Pastors seeks to help pastors be healthy, understanding that a healthy pastor is the principal key to a healthy church which in turn, is the key to a healthy community or city.


The Women’s Commission is a global network seeking to equip and empower women and girls to be a compassionate prophetic Christian voice – identifying and addressing the unique needs of women around the world.


Reaching the world for Christ has long been the cry of the church. But, often we have lost sight of Jesus’ command to “let the children come to Me” (Matt 19:14 ). Now, with over one-half the world under the age of 25, it is clear that, if we are to reach the world, we must reach youth. Yet, youth materials and programs are sparse in most countries.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Rev. Esmé Bowers

Church Engagement

Timo Plutschinski

Business Coalition

Dr. Rebecca Goropevsek

Children's Network

David Kornfield

Pastoring of Pastors Task Force

Dr. Seblewengel Daniel

Women's Commission

Colin Piper

Executive Director
Youth Commission

Dr. Jill Ford

Executive Director
Strategic Global Arts Networker