Growing financial disciples in Jordan


Two members of the Global Generosity Network Coordinating Group visited Jordan in March 2024 to provide financial discipleship training. Nick Breach, Vice President – Global Field Operations of Compass and Adel Azmi, Executive Director of the Nabla Initiative based in Egypt supported the growth and multiplication of new financial discipleship leaders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with a specific focus on Jordan. At the invitation from the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS) they also trained JETS staff and students with a three-day intensive undergraduate level course on financial discipleship. Pastor Remon from Lebanon joined Nick and Adel for the JETS training.

Pastor Remon (Lebanon), Nick Breach, Rev Dr Imad (JETS Founder), Adel Azmi and Amer (Dean of students for JETS)

The leadership of JETS cancelled classes and booked a retreat center in the hills around Amman so their students could focus and participate fully in the training. Almost 50 Pastoral candidates, spouses and JETS staff attended the sessions. On the morning of the 2nd day of the conference, some of the students reported an ‘oppression’ or ‘suffocation and confusion’ that they attributed to a ramped-up spiritual battle. Adel and the JETS leadership decided to stop the teaching and instead spent the next 2-3 hours hosting a panel discussion to clarify the message of the bible on money and conduct and extended praise and worship and prayer time. The spiritual atmosphere lifted after this time of worship. This is a reminder that any talk about money is a spiritual battle as the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil (1 Tim 6:10).

Students and staff from JETS after completing their intensive 3-day financial discipleship course

Students mentioned that they felt lost when they read a passage on money in the Bible or just skipped it. The JETS leadership recognized that this teaching was new to all of the participants including staff. They therefore requested incorporating the Compass financial discipleship small group study curriculum and the college-level curriculum into their syllabus.

The Global Generosity Network (GGN) is an initiative of the World Evangelical Alliance to integrate stewardship (including financial discipleship), generous living and Kingdom focused giving into the theology and life of the WEA Family and wider Body of Christ. The GGN collaborates with Compass, Nabla and other initiatives to inspire, train and equip Christians in radical generosity and wise stewardship as part of whole-life discipleship. For more information about the Global Generosity Network visit Global Generosity Network | World Evangelical Alliance (

Dr Sas Conradie, Global Generosity Network Coordinator, Email: [email protected]