A mission agency moves to change the face of Portugal


Portugal (MNN)–25 years of religious freedom in Portugal have resulted in the steady and increased growth of Evangelicals from 55,000 in 1975 to over 307,000 25 years later.

However, continued growth is hampered by serious divisions, the need for a united vision, and a lack of concern for world evangelization.

Greater Europe Mission reports that Portugal has 46 counties with no evangelical church. So, in less than two weeks, the Portuguese Evangelical Alliance will be holding a national event for Christian workers who want to see each county with its own church by the year 2015.

The seven northern and northeastern provinces are strongly Catholic and relatively few evangelical churches exist. The four provinces in the south are poor, with few people ever going to church.

Many congregations lack full time workers with adequate theological depth and spiritual maturity. The challenge comes in facing several generations of people who haven’t had meaningful exposure to biblical Christianity.

Pray for a great multiplication of churches. GEM also needs more workers to start churches.

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