NCEASL Incident Update – Mar 24, 2006

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National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL)

Incident update

Pastor and family mobbed

Pas. Sarath Induruwa in Elpitiya of the Galle district has been receiving death threats over a period of time. Recently Pas. Induruwa and his family were mobbed. At this instance a family living nearby came to their assistance. The family provided a safe haven for them from the mob.

It is now reported that an unknown party has thrown excreta and burnt oil at the house of the family that provided shelter to the Pastor and his family.

A neighboring family has been providing drinking water from their well for the Pastor’s family. A few days ago, the children of neighboring family suddenly fell ill. When they investigated the cause of this sudden illness, they realized someone poured burnt oil and trickle seeds into the well.

Entries have been made with the local Police regarding these incidents.

Please pray for Pas. Induruwa and his family. Pray they will at all times experience God’s protection, peace and guidance.

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