Elizabeth Kendal – Principal Researcher & Writer for WEA RLC


Many of you may know Elizabeth Kendal (Principal Researcher & Writer for WEA RLC) from the regular reports she publishes through the World Evangelical Alliance’s Religious Liberty Commission. Her love for the persecuted Christians around the world and her passion to write those stories help to keep us better informed and to pray more meaningfully for our suffering brothers and sisters worldwide.

Now, Elizabeth and her family would appreciate our prayers. On 13 July Elizabeth Kendal (Principal Researcher & Writer for WEA RLC) will have her lungs re-scanned after a scan done in April showed that the pulmonary nodule in her right lung had trebled in size during the preceding six months. Elizabeth has an appointment at the hospital the following Wednesday to discuss the results.

This will be an important diagnostic scan. Obviously the main concern is that Elizabeth’s cancer (Mullerian Adenosarcoma) may have metastasised to her lungs. This is causing some anxiety as Elizabeth (43) has dependent children and her mother was recently diagnosed with advanced metastatic cancer.

for God to rule over the whole situation, working over and through the doctors, fulfilling his purposes for his Kingdom’s and glory’s sake. (Psalm 57:1,2; Psalm 138:8)

Please note that while Elizabeth appreciates your concern, she has expressed her desire for privacy at this time. Thank you for understanding.