Sri Lanka: Update from the National Evangelical Alliance

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Fifteen thousand families were rendered homeless by the last two days of heavy fighting between government troops and Tamil Militants in the Eastern town of Muthur. People were fleeing from the area when almost one hundred civilians were gun downed by gunmen in the area. There are thousands of refugees who have come to the town of Kantalai adding to the already 700,000 internally displaced war affected and Tsunami refugees. Many families are separated and are looking for members of their family who are either missing or killed in the chaos. There is a urgent need for food, medical supplies, temporary shelters, infant milk powder, clothing and funeral items for these destitute people. Continue to pray for the safety of the NCEASL staff as they travel to the conflict area with relief supplies. Pray for their protection from heavy shelling and artillery firing in the area.

Godfrey Yogarajah
General Secretary
National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka