Pray for the unreached people – Akha, Nutchi of Laos

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Akha, Nutchi of Laos

Akha, Nutchi of Laos
The Nutchi Akha group is one of several Akha groups in Laos. They are all culturally related, yet somewhat distinct. The Akha originated in southern China. In the 1800s, under pressure from Han Chinese settlers who were taking their land, many decided to migrate to other countries, including Laos. Because of their history as hunters, the Akha knew little about agriculture and have struggled to eke out their livelihood. They are known as the poorest of the poor.

Ministry Obstacles
Laos is not hospitable to Christian workers, so creative access approaches are helpful.

Outreach Ideas
Christians need to be genuinely concerned with the physical and material needs of the Akha people. Humanitarian aid projects are appropriate and needed.

Pray for the followers of Christ
Pray for the very few followers of Christ among the Nutchi Akha of Laos, that Gospel films and recordings and Scripture will be available to them. Pray they will experience Christ's love that surpasses knowledge. Pray for hungry hearts, and for spiritual food.

Pray for the entire people group
Pray the Akha communities will be able to improve their lot in life. Pray they will learn skills to become more employable, and for employment opportunities. Pray they will learn good practices for livestock and crop production. Pray for good schools for their children.

Scripture Focus
"He will have compassion on the poor and needy, And the lives of the needy He will save." Psalm 72:13


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Akha, Nutchi of Laos
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Joshua Project is a research initiative of the U.S. Center for World Mission (USCWM) seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the least followers of Christ. It gathers, integrates and shares people group information to encourage pioneer church-planting movements among every ethnic group and to facilitate effective coordination of mission agency efforts.