Micah Challenge Releases ‘The Jesus Agenda’ to Help End Poverty by 2015


by Myles Collier, the Christian Post

Micah Challenge, an initiative dedicated to eradicating global poverty by 2015, encourages Christians around the world to become involved in aiding the poor while holding governments responsible for their commitment for reaching the Millennium Development Goals.

CP Interview: Micah Challenge Releases "The Jesus Agenda" 

To help guide Christians on this front, Micah Challenge- in partnership with Christian Aid and Compassion UK- has produced and recently released a new DVD titled "The Jesus Agenda."

This new production is actually a 9-week DVD-based course which explores the biblical framework for advocacy through a social engagement perspective.
Using the framework put forth by Luke 4:18-19, "The Jesus Agenda" highlights the role of advocacy in the civic sphere and its relationship with the Proclamation, Power and Promise that is taught in scripture.
The movie also highlights the sudden rise of the prosperity gospel, its relationship within the context of material Christianity, and the role consumerism plays with respect to the poor and disadvantaged.
"'The Jesus Agenda' aims to raise awareness of God's heart for the poor and how He wants His followers to seek justice for the oppressed," Rev. Joel Edwards, Micah Challenge International Director, told The Christian Post.

With a new understanding of how followers of Christ are to seek justice for the neglected and marginalized, The Jesus Agenda will allow advocates from around the globe the opportunity to be better informed and prepared so as to demand action from local governments.
In 2000, 189 countries signed a declaration to halve poverty by 2015. In addition to that promise, those countries also collectively pledged their support in pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals, which are: the eradication of extreme hunger and poverty, universal primary education, promotion of gender equality, reduction of child mortality, improve maternal health, combating HIV/AIDS, environmental sustainability and a global partnership for development.
With these goals in mind, advocacy for the poor and disenfranchised may be focuses on drawing members of communities together for the purpose of fostering social change through the church, while at the same time bringing Jesus' own message of lovingkindness to those who have yet to hear about Him.
"We wholeheartedly support and embrace Joel Edwards' vision for this project and believe it to be an important tool to remind God's people of Christ's mandate for truth and justice and our responsibilities towards the poor and marginalized in our global society," Ian Hamilton, CEO of Compassion U.K., said.

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