Prayer Update for Syria


The WEA has today (August 7th, 2012) received this update from friends in Syria. Please continue to pray earnestly for all the people of this country, so torn, and so desperately in need of the love of God in Christ.

Dear friends,

Some time I desire for life to return back to normal around us. This is something we all wish for when going through hardship and especially war. It has not been easy at all! Being caught up under vicious fire, especially under the other party of extremist groups, is truly unpleasant.  Hearing shouts early morning with our own ears calling the name of God before firing on people who have decided not to protest is a reality what we’re facing when it comes to our existence and life. As I was speaking with one of the people who believe they are doing “good for God”, the idea of killing in the name of God seems despitefully imbedded its way into mindset of a culture that was pure from such belief before. May God give us wisdom to bring out such mindset of killing! Though it's so impossible to bring them out of their mindset, but what's impossible for man IS possible for God.

I was with my father listening to a person with this mindset “we kill for God”, it brought out my father’s anger and love to share the truth of God, which made this man speechless and shaking knowing that the words of the gospel defeated his mindset and his thoughts of destruction. He was speechless for the whole two hours after giving his ten minutes of powerful speech on death and killing. Truly, if you bring all weapons vs. our words that come from a believing heart, it is powerful enough to shake the essence of any mindset and other human made power. May God give us wisdom, to bring ourselves from any ungodly mindset so we can help others to come out of their own!

Some time I pray if the world politicians will seize themselves for a week from trying to make decisions that end up killing fellow humans, maybe this will allow us gleams of grace and mercy to serve and take a small part in a lost world. Sadly there is no solution for now but we will continue to pray and seek His glory only. As a Christian I know that my battle starts with my believing heart that will give me strong word to over voice any politician or mindset and there for let the message of Christ be the only solution in our world.

  • Please pray for strength for the Christians in Syria, it's truly challenging, as you all know.
  • Pray for those who have been persecuted for being Christians
  • Pray for peace, that God will use the church to be a voice of peace for both sides of the conflict
  • Pray for the church leaders, especially those who stayed here, though they had and still have the opportunity to leave.
  • Pray for me as I try to find a safe way out for my wife and family.

In Him!

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