Biblical Holiness Re-Examined by Christian Leaders on ‘The Jesus Agenda’

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A new 9-week DVD resource for the global Church aims to re-examine and explore what holiness in the Bible really means. The Jesus Agenda argues that holiness is central to our communal behaviour as well as our relationship with God and is far bigger than the issue of morality.

Joel Edwards conducted interviews for the course, produced globally by Micah Challenge, Christian Aid and Compassion, which aims to empower Christians to tackle materialism and corruption – two giants of oppression to humanity.

Joel said: "Somehow we came up with the idea that holiness, righteousness and justice are three entirely different things but that's a terrible misrepresentation of the truth. Justice is like a river flowing from the very character of God reaching to my personal sin and even to our institutional sinfulness."

Backing the resource is Pastor ID, leader of the City of David church – a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God – one of the world's largest and fastest growing churches. Despite the church's wealth, Pastor ID is keen to ensure that justice is central to its message and works. He said: "Jesus didn't preach only about prosperity, …he talked about mercy, justice, forgiveness and righteousness."

This Sunday (9th) sees the world mark Anti-Corruption Day. Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Head of the Redeemed Christian Church of God movement, believes that there is a strong connection in churches connecting with holiness and with communities rooting out corruption.

He said: "The more we impress on people the need for holiness then they will begin to see clearly that you cannot claim to be holy and be corrupt at the same time." The Jesus Agenda aims to see Christians inspired to help end extreme poverty across the world through advocacy and social action.

The resource is part of Micah Challenge's wider plan to mobilise Christians to remind world politicians to keep their Millennium Development Goal promises made in 2000 to halve extreme poverty.

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Micah Challenge is a global movement active in over 40 countries whose aim is to encourage Christians to be committed to the poor, and hold governments accountable to the Millennium Development Goals, signed by 189 countries in the year 2000 which committed to halving world poverty by the year 2015. See for more information.