Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Launches AdoptionSunday.com, a Resource Website for Christians Who Wish to Adopt a Child

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“The more than 30,000 children and youth without a forever family are vulnerable,” says Bruce Clemenger, President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and co-founder of Adoption Sunday. “Evangelical Christians,” continues Clemenger, “need to be asking themselves if their family could be one of those forever families.”

“We developed AdoptionSunday.com to help families and churches Ask It – the adoption question,” says Clemenger. “The adoption process often looks too daunting for people to get started and AdoptionSunday.com helps churches and families learn about the adoption process and how to make the connections that make forever families realities for the children in care.”

November was National Adoption Awareness month. It came. It went. Barely did we hear anything substantive about the needs of adoptable Canadian children and youth.

“Adoption Awareness month may be past but anytime is a good time to Ask It,” says Clemenger, “I encourage churches to plan an Adoption Sunday and challenge their people ask the adoption question.”


  • Provides free introductory educational videos
  • Demystifies the processes of adoption and fostering
  • Debunks the cultural myths surrounding the children and outcomes
  • Provides a broad menu of simple and sophisticated ways in which anyone can connect and engage
  • Provides all the tools you need to bring AdoptionSunday.com to church

“This is an issue for the whole church not just for adoptive families,” says Bruce Clemenger, “Kids come into care because a whole range of things aren’t working in our society. The church needs to stand in the gap. This is why Adoption Sunday is a call to everyone. As Christmas approaches and Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, who himself was adopted, let us consider what we can do to care for families and children in crisis and women in unplanned pregnancies, and promote the well being of children and youth needing adoption and those in foster care.”

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