Generosity Resources Update March 2013

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The Global Generosity Network – the initiative of the Lausanne Movement and World Evangelical Alliance that encourages Christian stewardship, generosity and giving: – posted new resources on the Internet. The intention is that these resources be used by individuals and in discussions, small groups and churches to improve Christian stewardship, generous living and Kingdom giving.  

The resources are available from the website of the Lausanne Movement and There are resources for churches, ministries and individuals including:

  1. E.G. “Jay” Link’s latest book ‘Who’s In Charge Here?’ is now available. The pdf and Kindle versions are available free and the book can be highly recommended.
  2. The Money Revolution is a website linked to a book that helps Christians apply Christian principles to handling money. The book is one of the best practical books on how Christians should engage with money.
  3. The Generous Business is an electronic booklet with stories of companies leading the way in giving. It also includes practical suggestions on why and how to become a Generous Business.
  4. I posted links to Spanish articles on generosity related issues and on mission resource mobilisation.
  5. Brian Kluth’s sermon ‘Journey to Generosity: Why Become a Generous Christian?’ gives reasons to become a generous Christian.
  6. ‘Biblical Principles of Financial Giving’ is a Bible study outline from Xenos Christian Fellowship in the US that explores how to cultivate a godly manner of dealing with money and material possessions.
  7. The journey from an emerging giver who gives primarily because of relationships, tax savings, public recognition, or a feeling of obligation to a giving champion is explained in ‘Journey of Generosity: Emergent to Generous Giving’.
  8. The MBA in Biblical Stewardship and Christian Management has information on the MBA in Christian Management and other courses taught through the Center for Biblical Stewardship at the Asian Theological seminary in the Philippines. The goal of this program is to equip leaders and managers of Christian non-profit organizations in the areas of strategic thinking, good governance, management and effective resource development.
  9. The Future World Giving report examines the potential for emerging economies to transform their societies through philanthropic action. There is also an article on the report and a progress report on the international Giving Pledge.
  10. ‘How America Gives’ has a link to a fascinating report on giving in America. One of the most interesting tables is a generosity ranking of US cities. People can find where their cities are ranked and increase its ranking through encouraging generosity in the city.
  11. The UK Giving 2012 report is not as extensive as the ‘How America Gives’ report but provides a picture on giving in the UK.
  12. The Generosity Spiral of Giving and Receiving is an illustration of the growing interaction between giving and receiving – starting with giving to impose (values, ideas and beliefs) and receiving to manipulate through various phases to ultimate giving (giving of your life) and spiritual receiving.

The generosity edition of the Evangelical Review of Theology is now out and available to order. The editorial piece is included on the website.

Short blogs and generosity related events are posted on the Global Generosity Movement website on a regular basis. By zooming in on Bangalore in India, readers will find information on 4 events the Global Generosity Network is organising in India in June.

Contact Sas Conradie for more information. The Global Generosity Network is also looking for blogs, generosity stories and information on generosity resources and any kind of generosity training, consultation, discussion, conference, etc so that it can be posted on the site. Please send it to Dr. Sas Conradie, Coordinator Global Generosity Network at [email protected].