A Personal Response to the Recent Revelations about Ravi Zacharias

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By Bishop Efraim Tendero, Secretary General, World Evangelical Alliance


Ravi Zacharias, one of my Christian heroes was fatally wounded in battle. I grieve as one among those who was not able to help, being unaware of the concealed wounds he carried alone to his grave.

I grieve, in that by concealing his wounds he lost the battle.

I grieve that innocent women were victimized by him abusing a position of spiritual authority.

I grieve that there has been no administration of justice and restitution for these violations.

I grieve for his wife and family who now bear the shock and shame of scandals made public after his death. 

I grieve for the stumbling he may cause those to whom he has ministered. 

I grieve that the ministry he built suffers as they attempt to reconstitute a ministry which had helped so many.

I grieve that the Gospel witness is tarnished.

I grieve that he died alone, carrying his personal suffering to death. 

I am consoled that God allowed his secrets to be revealed so that victims can be heard, and that care and restitution will enable restoration and healing.

I am consoled that that the International Board of the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) has commissioned a full and independent investigation and declared repentance for having allowed such abuses and for not providing accountability for Ravi in his life and ministry.

I pray that RZIM Board will be kind and generous in providing restitution to the victims and enable justice to emerge.

I pray that the God of justice and mercy will bring healing to the victims, his family, the RIZM Family, and indeed to the whole body of Christ.

Efraim M. Tendero