“When a Religious Freedom Problem Arises…” A Guide for National Evangelical Alliances

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Imagine Christians in your nation are arrested by the authorities. Or your nation’s government declares it will introduce a new law which will drastically curtail religious freedom.  Your phone starts ringing. People expect the Evangelical Alliance to be able to sort the situation. What are you going to do?  This simple guide for National Evangelical Alliances can help you respond well and get the support you need.

Obviously the most important thing is to pray and keep praying. But there are also many actions you can try. And there are many people who may be able to help you with prayer, advice or advocacy. These include other National Evangelical Alliances, the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) Socio-Political team and World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Geneva team, religious freedom specialists and friendly politicians and journalists.

There are various levels to consider. This paper lists them and shows how they are all important and play their part.

We hope that this simple guide will help you respond effectively and receive appropriate support from EEA and other partners.

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By the European Evangelical Alliance