Upcoming Micah Global Webinars “Justice and Resilience” to be Led by Dr. David Boan

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WEA’s affiliate member Micah Global is launching a series of webinars in 2020.
The first webinar training series consists of three sessions lead by Director of WEA’s Department of Relief & Development Dr. David Boan on  the theme of Justice and Resilience. The three interconnected sessions, each lasting one hour, will be held as per the dates and titles below.
Dates and Time of webinars: each session will start at 3pm (15:00 UK time)
  1. Friday, March 27th
  2. Friday,  April 3rd
  3. Friday, April 10th

1.      The Social Science of Justice and Resilience
What is the evidence that justice is a basic human motive? What are the implications of this for individuals and for communities?
2.      Justice and Resilience
How are justice and resilience connected? What if justice is not only something that is present in a resilient community, but actually contributes to resilience? Is there evidence for a justice and resilience connection?
 3.      The Implications for a Justice and Resilience Connection
How might we apply the connection between justice and resilience to relief and development? To civil conflict?  To immigration?

In order to get the log in link and code to take part you will need to register your name and email at [email protected] by March 24th, 2020. This webinar will be in English, so if you require translation please arrange to have your interpreter sitting with you.