New Partnership to Strengthen Regional & National Alliances’ Indigenous Fundraising Abilities

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The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) launched the “National Funding Initiative,” a new initiative to strengthen the fundraising abilities of its regional and national Evangelical Alliance members in more than 130 countries. In partnership with the Center for Mission Mobilization (CMM), the WEA will offer training and resources to equip Alliance leaders with the necessary tools and know-how to raise funds from within their respective countries.
“The undertaking of this partnership is to generate within the WEA and its community a new vision for organizational and personal support raising. This is with a desire to help Regional and National Alliances and their leaders to better understand God’s financial provision and to provide training that builds models for support raising in regions and countries,” said Brian Stiller who heads up WEA’s Development Department and will oversee the new initiative.
The WEA with its global network of 9 regional and more than 130 national Evangelical Alliances serves evangelicals as a voice for the Church to governments and media, gives a visible Christian identity to the 600 million evangelicals around the world and provides a common platform for collaboration on issues of common concern.
A key challenge that a number of Alliances face is to recruit sufficient indigenous funds for their operational needs. Many of them rely in large parts on volunteers and contributions in kind. A vision and strategy to raise sustainable long-term funding from within their own countries will enable them to widen the scope of their service and increase the effectiveness of their work.
WEA’s partner, the Center for Mission Mobilization (CMM), is an international mobilization ministry endeavoring to multiply mission sending movements to reach the unreached. CMM seconds one of its own leaders Ryan Emis who has been appointed as WEA’s Associate Director of Global Development.
Emis is taking the lead of the new initiative that will include the holding of national fund raising seminars and train nationals to be trainers themselves, holding seminars within their countries and regions.
Bp Efraim Tendero, Secretary General of the WEA, commented: “As WEA, we are very pleased to be able to launch the National Funding Initiative in partnership with CMM that will strengthen our regional and national Evangelical Alliances. This is a key part of our mission. We believe that equipping them to increase the funding base in their own countries will allow them to become even more effective in uniting evangelicals, speaking up on important issues and serving the churches at grassroots.”
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Over two billion Christians in the world today are represented by three world church bodies. The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is one of those, serving more than 600 million evangelicals. Launched in 1846 to unite evangelicals worldwide, the WEA continues to be a dynamic movement with 9 regional and 134 national Evangelical Alliances, and over 150 member organizations. WEA’s mission is to establish and strengthen regional and national Evangelical Alliances, who in turn enable their national Church to advance the Good News of Jesus Christ and effect personal and community transformation for the glory of God. For more information, visit]]>