WEA Business Coalition Partners Offer Medical Supplies

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Due to the coronavirus, there is a major need for masks and other pandemic supplies globally.
We are proud to now be partnering with companies in our global business coalition to provide much needed access to disposable masks, medical masks and face shields. We are grateful for this channel to facilitate orders and in doing so, supporting the work of Christian ministries.
One of our partners, Loudania, a kingdom company in Hong Kong (China), is able to deliver huge amounts of licensed products such as disposable masks (0,73 EUR) and KN95/FFP2 (2,13 EUR) within 1 week. The minimum amount is 10.000 pieces.
Please see the product brochure and online shop for the masks and send your order and the amount of needed masks to [email protected].
Another company, VOGT, a printing company based in Germany, is able to provide high-quality face shields. The face shield (3,25 EUR) is highly recommendable for people who wear glasses. The shields are immediately available in large quantities and orderable from 10.000 pieces.
Please send your order and the amount of shields needed to [email protected].
National Partner Wanted
If you want to become a Partner of this pandemic supplies support in order to offer needed masks, shields and others in your certain country, please get in touch with Timo Plutschinski through [email protected].