WEA Announces Elections for International Council to be Held this Year

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The International Council (IC) of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) has announced to its members that it will be holding elections for the IC electronically in the coming months. In a letter to its regional and national Evangelical Alliance members, Mr John Langlois, member emeritus of the IC, referred to requests from WEA’s membership to hold elections before the next General Assembly, which is scheduled for November 2019.

Due to the cancelation of the planned GA in Korea in 2014, the majority of current IC members have served beyond the usual six-year term. “They [members] wish an interim election to be held immediately and not wait for the next General Assembly. The IC respects these views and has agreed to hold an election of new members of the IC without delay,” Mr Langlois wrote.

In a two-staged process, National Evangelical Alliances from each of WEA’s seven regions will first nominate a regional candidate, which will be voted on by all national and regional alliances. In a second stage, nominations will be received for an additional seven members-at-large with the purpose of ensuring a balance of gender, age, skill and other considerations. These again will be voted on by for approval.

It is anticipated that a new International Council will be in place by August and meeting for the first time in-person in December.