WEA Secretary General Thanks Kosovo President for Law on Freedom of Religion

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New York, NY – October 23, 2017

At the invitation of the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC), the Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) visited Kosovo to be the main speaker in a series of events highlighting the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

Today, Bp Efraim M. Tendero paid a visit to his Excellency Hashim Thaçi, President of the Republic of Kosovo. He was accompanied by Pastor Driton Krasniqi, president of the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC), which is WEA’s member body in Kosovo, and the director for the commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in Kosovo, Pastor Femi Cakolli.

Bp Efraim Tendero, WEA Secretary General (left), meets with the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi. (c) KPEC

During the meeting, Bp Tendero expressed his gratitude to President Thaçi for supporting the weeklong Reformation celebrations. He also commended the President for upholding freedom of religion in Kosovo and promoting religious harmony among different faith groups, encouraging the continuous observance of such provisions for all religions in future amendments of these laws.

President Thaçi responded by expressing his appreciation for the anniversary celebrations, which are consistent with the government’s policy for promoting inter-faith dialogue and understanding among different faith groups in the country. The President also shared about the peace and reconciliation initiatives that his office has undertaken in order to bring closure to the past history of violence in the country. And he appreciated the role of the Protestant Evangelical Church in contributing to religious harmony as well as their engagement in community development.

At the end of the visit, Bp Tendero presented the handbook ‘Evangelicals Around the World’ and a plaque of appreciation on behalf of the WEA. A set of rare publication of titles from the Albanian history of Protestantism was also presented to the library of the Office of the President. Pastor Krasniqi restated the KPEC’s invitation for President Thaçi to address the 500th anniversary commemoration event, where leaders from academia, media, business, religion and government will be present.

Bp Tendero then offered a prayer for the President asking for wisdom and guidance for the progress, peace and prosperity of the Republic of Kosovo.

For more information on Kosovo Protestan Evangelical Church, visit kishaprotestante.net/en/

Download photos in high resolution:
Photo 1: Bishop Tendero and President Thaçi
Photo 2: KPEC leaders, Bishop Tendero and President Thaçi


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