Mission China 2030 Jeju Summit


A thousand pastors and church leaders from China met on 27th Sept. in Jeju Island, an hour and a half flight south of Seoul, South Korea. This second conference of Mission China 2030 met in the Seong-Ahn Church. Pastors and mission leaders from all points in China, gathering under a vision best described by “2030” which stands for their vision: to send by the year 2030, 20,000 cross-cultural missionaries abroad.

Its theme this year was “Son of Peace” taken from Matt 5:9 – “blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”

Mission China 2030 is a continuing gathering following on a meeting of Chinese Christians after the Asian Church Leaders Leadership Forum held in Seoul 2013, which in turn resulted in the first Mission China 2030 conference in Hong Kong 2015

Rev. Zhou, conference host welcomed Christian representatives from China’s seven regions and guests from overseas. He noted that the seven regions mirror China’s seven military regions, a reference to a commitment that “the mission forces of Yahweh are ready for service.”

In his address to the conference, Rev. Ezra Jin, conference president, said doing mission is not only the command of the Lord Jesus, but also reflects a Chinese church response to God’s entrusting to its people of the Gospel, flowing out of the past century.

Continuing the Hong Kong conference of 2015,the Jeju Summit established five themes which were explored in workshops. They included missiology, forming of mission-oriented churches,  missions to minority groups in China, missions to overseas Chinese, cross-cultural missions and mission overseas.

The host of the conference, Rev. Gil Jeong Gil Ryu pastor of the Seong-Ahn Presbyterian Church spoke on “The Son of peace”. He pointed out that in a desperately corrupted and conflict-plagued world, only Jesus Christ can bring true peace. Global ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance, Brian Stiller, gave greetings and provided a global view of the growth of Christianity.

It was the fervent prayers of the conference leaders and its participants this summit would enable China’s Churches to better receive God’s vision so they will be strong in giving witness to the living Christ.