Pray for Turkish Christians reaching out to hungry refugees


Hope for Europe – Refugee Prayer Letter

Our Father is loyal to us with His Love, Compassion and Provision. We have had the chance to visit a different part of Turkey. We heard from different sources that more Christian refugees have started to arrive to Turkey. As you can imagine, we constantly receive emails with different stories of refugees who are in need and ask for our help.

Recently, we travelled to a town with 100s of brothers and sisters who came from Iraq and Iran. It is an area which is religious and not tolerant towards other beliefs even of those who have lived there for years.

As we met our brothers in a small coffee shop in town, it did not take a long to understand their hopeless and needy situation. Christians cannot find jobs because of their faith. Even if they can, once the employer finds out about their belief, immediately they get fired. Most of the Christian refugees have serious health issues. We met a brother whose kid has cancer and he has no idea how to help him.  Most have to rent small apartments where several families live together. When they cannot find jobs, they are not able to cover their basic living expenses, such as rent, utilities etc. Their urgent need is food.

We drove on to Cappadocia. It is a significant location for Christian existence and it has full of stories about Christians who survived despite the brutality of the Roman Empire. The towns we visited have Chaldean and Iranian Christian refugees. We had 200-food vouchers for these believers because we knew that they desperately needed some food.

Also we kept some food vouchers aside for church leaders so that they could use them to meet new refugees around their city.

One of the Chaldean Christian brothers opened up his house for worship to his family in Christ. They were able to buy some chairs and now twice a week they get together to worship and do bible studies.  We are praying that neighbours will not be bothered and complain to police. It would cause a huge trouble for him and his family.

It is significantly important for us to deliver aid to these brothers and sisters, so that they can continue to live healthy and build up strength. Their existence in these dark places will shine. We are already working on preparing a series of Bible classes for these brothers and sisters so that we can help them strengthen their faith. We hope to create small groups among them so that they can continue to study the Bible. We will officially contact the local government to see if we can get a small place for these brothers to worship.

Please pray

  • That neighbours will not be bothered by Christians meeting and will not complain to the police.
  • For provision of resources to build up the health and strength of the brothers and sisters.
  • For the creation of Bible classes to sustain the refugees in their faith.
  • That the local government will grant permission for a small place of worship.