Back to the Bible: Using Technology to Reach the World with the Gospel

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Back to the Bible recently became an associate member of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). We warmly welcome them to the WEA family.

Could you briefly describe your organization?

In the 1930’s one of the most exciting developments was the growth of an emerging technology that had the potential to reach the world with the Gospel. That technology was radio. Seeing the power of radio to reach people in a new, powerful and personal way, Dr Theodore Epp stepped out in faith in 1939 to launch a visionary ministry on the local radio station KFOR in Lincoln, Nebraska. That ministry was Back to the Bible. And from that humble beginning, a global ministry spanning over 65 countries emerged that has seen countless lives transformed for eternity.

Since its inception in 2003, the Center for Bible Engagement (CBE), a research and development division of Back to the Bible, has become the major world center addressing Bible engagement and spiritual growth. Our researchers have surveyed more than 100,000 people around the world about their spiritual lives.

Embedded deeply in the DNA of Back to the Bible is the passion to use emerging technology to reach the world with the life-transforming power of God’s Word. Throughout our history, the heart of Back to the Bible has been to reach the broadest possible audience with the truth of God’s Word by harnessing the effective reach of technology.

Today, in keeping with that vision, Back to the Bible is shifting its focus to put its energy into the emerging technologies of app and web-based content which will allow us to expand the audience we reach, as well as provide customized biblical content which will help the individual grow more effectively in their relationship with Jesus Christ. This strategy is based in our product, goTandem.

Through this visionary strategy, Back to the Bible not only continues the legacy of Dr. Epp as a pioneer in the use of technology to expand the reach of the Gospel, but also honors our commitment to reach as many people as possible with God’s Word in order to see their lives transformed for eternity.

Why do you think is important to be a member of WEA?

While we have been around for decades, we celebrate our 75th anniversary, and are identified as an evangelical organization through our ministry and membership with ECFA, NRB, Missio Nexus and others, we believe that WEA will enable us to identify with evangelicals globally, and work with them better.

How can your organization contribute to WEA mission to be a voice, to connect and to equip evangelical community?

Biblical discipleship is the heart of our mission. Our work unites evangelicals of different denominations and styles under the banner of Christ. We will also contribute towards WEA’s mission by equipping the evangelical community with daily discipleship through Bible engagement.

Where do you see areas of future cooperation and partnership with WEA?

We would partner with WEA Mission Commission in the area of daily discipleship. We plan to work with the Religious Liberty Commission in encouraging and strengthening Christians under threat and those being persecuted. Our research arm CBE could assist with the research needs of WEA in assessing spiritual growth of their constituents. We are happy to share our daily discipleship tool on smart phones that can help WEA constituents grow closer to Jesus.

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