Online Consultation ‘Formal and Non-Formal Theological Education in Dialogue’ to be Held on Nov 16-17

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The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE) will hold an online consultation on Formal and Non-Formal Theological Education in Dialogue on16 and 17 November 13:00-16:00 UTC.  This is the beginning of a year-long conversation on how formal and non-formal theological education might build trusted relationships and meaningful collaboration to prepare shepherds worldwide for the church’s mission. 

Theresa Lua, Director of Global Theology invites the WEA community to join. “We want to hear your voices as we discuss the gap between formal and non-formal theological education and the impact of that gap on the church. This conversation is relevant as WEA seeks to facilitate collaboration among the training networks and to implement different approaches to theological education to meet the great need for trained pastors and workers for the mission of the church.” 

Speakers in this consultation will include Bishop Efrain Tendero (WEA Global Ambassador), Dr. Manfred Kohl (Re-Forma), and Dr. Graham Aylett (Increase) and leaders from the ICETE network.

Please watch this invitation from the ICETE International Director, Dr. Michael Ortiz: 

We encourage you to participate in the conversation with a group from your school, church, or organization.

For more details please go to the ICETE website.