New Alliance to Serve Chinese Christians Globally


The World Evangelical Alliance announced the formation of a new partner organization that will represent the interests of ethnic Chinese Christians all over the world.

The “World Chinese Christianity Alliance” (WCCA), based at the Enarche Institute in Singapore, will serve as a global platform uniting Chinese diaspora Christians and sharing resources to improve the effectiveness of their ministries. This is the first WEA-affiliated alliance based on ethnicity rather than national borders.

“For decades, ethnic Chinese outside China have been receptive to the gospel, but they have often had minimal access to Chinese-language resources that could help them grow in faith and carry out Christ’s mission,” said WEA Secretary General Thomas Schirrmacher. “We are excited to sponsor and support this new organization that should become a valuable aid to believers across the globe.”

The WCCA will operate six main ministries:

  • A research and strategic planning think tank composed of leaders from various Christian denominations and institutions
  • Support for academic research and exchange
  • Collection and sharing of spiritual resources
  • A publishing arm to produce new materials
  • Training courses in various forms
  • An international platform enabling Chinese Christian groups to interact and share information with each other.

Although the majority of overseas Chinese live in Asia, four of the 10 countries with the largest numbers of ethnic Chinese outside China are on other continents: the United States, Canada, Peru, and Australia. Accordingly, the WCCA hopes to establish additional offices beyond its Singapore hub.