India: Mob attacks family over conversionin Assam

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Tension prevails around the forest area of Bashbari village under Beshmuri outpost of Kokrajhar district due to a mob attack on a Christian family on 6 Feb. The family has been facing social boycott for converting to Christianity, police sources told Christian Legal Association of India (CLAI).

According to the sources, one Rahbindra Narzaree, a resident of Bashbari village converted to Christianity from Hinduism after getting married to a Christian Bodo lady two years ago. Villagers subsequently pressured him to return to Hinduism, which he did but he reconverted to Christianity again. On Feb 6, at a village council meeting, he was again pressured to return to Hinduism. On his refusal, he was denounced and a mob of the locality armed with sticks broke a section of his mud house.

The family took refuge at the Bishmuri outpost under Kokrajhar Police Station.

The Superintendent of Police (SP) informed CLAI that though search and raid operations were being conducted, no arrests have been made so far as the accused are absconding from the village. The police have posted a team of police officials outside the Narzaree’s brother’s home where the family is taking refuge.

The village is also being patrolled by a police team.

The Narzaree family has two children, who are studying in a boarding school and were not present at the time of the incident.

Pray for the continual protection of the Narzaree family and that tension would ease in this area soon.