Micah Challenge Update, February, 2007

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Dear Friends,

This Update will be sent bi-monthly and keep you informed about the international campaign developments, plans and events. Please feel free to forward it on to whoever you think might be interested.

'Blow the halftime whistle!' Prayer and Study Kit

The 'Blow the halftime whistle!' prayer and study kit will provide a resource that will help to prayerfully reflect on the call to pursue justice in the power of the Holy Sprit. It will link us globally in prayer throughout the halftime period starting with Pentecost (27 May) and finish on 07/07/07.

We are grateful to Steve Bradbury and Amanda Jackson from Micah Challenge Australia who will edit and develop the layout for the kit.

For further information please check Steve's proposal.

Funding proposal template

With the growing of MC campaigns in the global South, it was necessary to develop a system for coordinating Micah Challenge southern campaign proposals to funding agencies. Funding agencies have also asked that a system for coordinating proposals be developed.

Michael Smitheram's introductory email and the proposal template and budget proposes a system for coordinating proposals and hopes to make it easier to access funds.

New international website

We are delighted that the new international website is on-line at www.micahchallenge.org ! There is still some work to do to complete all content and functions but please make sure that you up-date your links to the site.

Please contact Jill with your feedback and questions.

Linkspace proposal

Following on from discussions about linking churches in the Global South and North at the coordinators meeting in Thailand, one of the concepts has now been developed by Micah Challenge consultants Anita Payne and Terry Gibson into a proposal. An introduction to Micah Linkspace can be seen here. The proposal was submitted for funding and we are hoping to be able to start the pilot study in May this year.

Please direct any questions or further ideas to Terry and Anita. Otherwise we'll keep you informed and there'll be opportunities to contribute as things progress.

Micah Challenge Halve-it website

Halve it! http://www.halve-it.org/ is the �factory� where everyone sharing in Micah Challenge can create, share and use learning materials. Please take a few minutes to browse through the site and get into the habit of sharing your resources (pictures, stories etc.) on this site.

Please contact Terry with feedback.

Next Coordinators meeting in Zambia- date

The next Micah Challenge Coordinators Consultation will take place in Zambia August 25 - September 1, 2007 � date to be confirmed.

The Consultation will develop framework strategies for Micah Challenge for 2008 - 2010. Coordinators will be trained in various of the strategies and will be able to facilitate strategic planning meetings with their national Steering Committees.

East Africa

In conjunction with the African Evangelical Alliance Conference in Uganda, Patson Netha and Regine Nagel were able to participate and contribute to exploration and formation meetings in the region. Meetings took place in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Micah Challenge DRC was able to launch the campaign in Bukavu, the Eastern Province of the country and thereby able to widen the reach of the campaign.


Uganda: Stephen Mugabi

Rwanda: Bunini Gahungu

Burundi: Francois Ndibwami


Micah Challenge in Haiti was launched in November 2006 at a conference for evangelical church leaders under the theme �The Integral Mission of the Church�. Erika Izquierdo from Micah Challenge Andean Region and Lawrence Temfwe from Micah Challenge Zambia were able to support Jean Claude Cerin, the Haitian coordinator, and his steering group in the meeting and share their experience. Please see http://www.micahchallenge.org/article.aspx?menuId=635 for an interview with Jean Claude.

Zambian case study

The Jubilee Centre, in conjunction with Micah Challenge, have published a case study of the transformation of the Mapalo community.

Please read the case study and see how the community now has a united vision of what their needs are and a powerful lobbying tool to use with their newly elected Councillors and MP for seeing their agreed needs to be met in the next three years.

Michael Smitheram's move to Australia

Michael Smitheram has moved to Canberra, Australia to continue his role as the international coordinator of Micah Challenge International from his home town. Regine and Jill will continue to work from Tearfund UK.

Up-coming: Hungary, South Africa and Botswana

The following exploration meetings will take place in February 2007:

Hungary 13-16 Feb: MC International will be represented by Julia Doxat-Purser from the European Evangelical Alliance.

Botswana (February 20): facilitated by Patson Netha

South Africa (February 23-24): facilitated by Patson Netha

Please send information you'd like us to include in the next update to [email protected]. This update goes out to all Micah Challenge key international contacts.

If you would prefer to not receive these up-dates please send a short email to [email protected].

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