Sri Lanka: Call for Public Protest Meeting against Christians in Polonnaruwa

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During the morning (Today, 9th February 2007) several areas in the District of Polonnaruwa reported persons in traveling in a vehicle with a loudspeaker calling people to gather together to chase away Christians and people who help Christians. These announcements were reported in the areas of Polonnaruwa New Town, Kaduruwela, Akkara Panseeya and Hatara Ela. The announcement called people to gather at the New Town Buddhist Vihara at 3 pm today, for a public meeting.
Inquiries made with the Police reveal that the persons concerned have not obtained a Police permit to use the loudspeaker, as required by law.

Christian in the area have expressed concern that the meeting might turn in to a protest rally and turn violent.

The Police have been informed with a request to take necessary action to prevent any illegal activity.