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P.E.A.C.E. for Rwanda

Aug 20, 2005

What comes to mind when you think of the country of Rwanda ? Genocide? Poverty? HIV/AIDS? Hopelessnes? In this land the world seemed to forget there is a powerful stirring of God\'s Spirit.

Southern Russia: Jihad Dagestan

Sep 22, 2005

In January this year Islamic jihadists launched a fresh offensive aimed at drawing Dagestan, a southern republic of Russia between Chechnya and the Caspian Sea, into the jihad (Islamic holy war) for the Caucasus. Unlike the militaristic Chechen jihadist incursion into Dagestan of August 1999, this r

Pray for Millennium +5 Summit

Sep 1, 2005

From the 12 to the 16 September 2005, the United Nations will hold a high level plenary meeting in New York -- also referred to as a summit -- to review the implementation of the Millennium Declaration (2000), and the integrated follow-up to the major United Nations conferences and summits in the ec

Resources For Pastors

Sep 1, 2005

Helpful resources to assist pastors in replying to questions about where God is in the midst of disasters

Hurricane Katrina: Call for Global Prayer

Sep 2, 2005

We unite in grief and sadness with all of those in the United States who have been affected by the hurricane and flooding. We grieve with those who have lost loved ones and all their belongings. We call on Christians across the globe to remember these suffering ones in your prayers and to respond ge

Christian Leaders Present Communiqué on Poverty Reduction Action to United Action Leaders

Sep 13, 2005

Ahead of the historic United Nations World Summit, senior leaders of the World Evangelical Alliance met with top representatives from other Christian communions at the national cathedral in Washington D.C.

India: Hindu Nationalists Step Up Pressure

Sep 23, 2005

Whilst India\'s federal Congress-led government is a strong advocate of religious liberty, India\'s states have a high degree of autonomy and several have Hindu nationalist state governments that reject religious liberty.

Prayers and Issues of August 2005

Aug 31, 2005

During August we have prayed for: Sudan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, China, Eritrea\'s persecution extension to non-complaint orthodox and for India\'s Hindu militants\' violence towards Christians

WEA Leaders See Great Potential In the World Summit

Sep 20, 2005

“The United Nations World Summit has produced one change that could be meaningful, and that’s in the language of the U.S. presidency,” said Michael Smitheram International Coordinator of the Micah Challenge

International Church Leaders Unite to Insist Poverty Reduction Targets Be Met

Sep 19, 2005

Leaders from World Evangelical Alliance will join more than 30 leaders of Christian denominations worldwide in a gathering at Washington National Cathedral on Sunday, Sept. 11, to affirm the UN plan to halve extreme poverty by 2015 and propose stepped up action to eradicate poverty throughout the wo