Dr. Luis Lacalle, President of the Republic of Uruguay, Met with the CREU Evangelical Alliance

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by Alianza Evangélica Latina

A historical, unprecedented event for the Evangelical Church of Uruguay took place last July, 26, when the President of Uruguay, Dr. Luis Lacalle Pou, met with the Evangelical Representative Council of Uruguay (CREU), a member of the Latin Evangelical Alliance.
The Evangelical group was led by the Alliance’s President, Pastor Louder Garabedian, who was accompanied by other leaders such as Pastor Daniel Madrazo, Bro. Danilo Bartkevicius and Pastor Aníbal Porcal.
At this meeting, the leaders found a president open to dialogue and were able to share in depth. The CREU leaders showed the President what the Evangelical Church is and what they do, underlining their neutral stance in politics and their sincere disposition to continue to work and help in the important mission of caring for the weakest and neediest in the community.

Pastor Louder said that President Lacalle Pou understood the position of the Church, which is not only sitting down to talk, but contributing with action and service, as it has been doing for over 125 years in this nation.
The meeting ended with a message of hope and faith, and a prayer for the President. “We did not want to meet him to ask for anything, just to tell him that all of our structure of logistics, facilities and human resources is open to help our nation as the government authorities see the need”, said Garabedian.
The Church, relevant for the community during COVID pandemic

Pastor Louder Garabedian, President of CREU

The president of the CREU Alliance, Pastor Louder Garabedian, mentioned the importance of strengthening connections with the government authorities, in order to develop a network of social care, with the priority focus on spiritual care. In that sense, several meetings were held since the beginning of this pandemic that helped establish the sustainability and credibility of the Evangelical Church, that became so well known to the government that they held weekly meetings with their leaders.
The Church has also shown her work through service in Evangelical hospitals, Christian institutions, schools, soup kitchens, feeding the poor on the streets, rehabilitation centers, prison work, homes for the elderly and other areas. “We preach a Gospel of commitment”, with the premise that God is first to save us, said Pastor Louder.
He also said, “we are at a time where churches need to go out of the four walls of the temples and be transformation agents”, motivating believers to return to God and be “salt”, preaching the Word, committed, knowing that the One who sustains and is Head of the church is our Lord Jesus Christ, he added.]]>