EEA Refugee Prayer Letter

This is the EEA Refugee Prayer Newsletter to encourage prayer accross Europe. Feel free to forward and share.
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EEA Refugee Prayer Letter

European Refugee Crisis Response: News from Greece

This year more than a quarter million migrants have so far reached Greece by boat via the Aegean islands on their way to claim asylum in Western Europe. Countless numbers are still waiting in the coastal towns of Turkey to make the dangerous trip across the Aegean Sea, having already paid smugglers more than €1.000 for each ticket and a precious seat in one of their overcrowded boats. We are afraid, that the flow is set to continue as fighting in Syria goes on escalating.
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Prayer Points Greece

  • Pray for physical strength to many volunteers and staff serving thousands of refugees
  • Pray for good spirit of cooperation and unity  among many churches and organizations.
  • Pray for fruitful relationship with the governmental officials 
  • Pray for greater hearts of love and God's provision of wisdom for ministering the eternal needs of precious people

EEA Refugee Prayer Letter

This is the first EEA Refugee Prayer Letter. This letter wil share stories of refugees and organisations and countries that work with refugees. Just one story each time, with several prayerpoints. We plan to send a story weekly.

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Prayer Points

Pray for the European Refugee Crisis.
Here is a list of topics to use, translate and disctribute.