Hope in Serbia

This is the EEA Refugee Prayer Newsletter to encourage prayer accross Europe. Feel free to forward and share.
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Refugee Prayer Letter

Hope in Serbia

Serbian Baptists, in partnership with volunteers from Romania, International Ministries, Hungarian Baptist Aid, OM and others are providing emergency support for refugees trying to travel through their nation.

Many of the refugees are in their 20s and 30s. Some men have left their families behind in refugee camps in Lebanon and Turkey, hoping to reunite with them once they were settled. Others are making the journey with their families, some with infant children, carrying their belongings in backpacks and shopping bags.
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Prayer Points Serbia

  • That aid supplies can be found locally or can be imported and that the authorities would not block their distribution.
  • That the team has enough volunteers, in particular to work at night,
  • For the Lord’s provision of hope, strength and finances to keep this work going. There is a specific request for a 9 person van.
  • For the safety and health of the refugees and that the compassion they receive from Christians touches them deeply.
  • For political solutions soon!